KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier
KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier

Waste Recycling
Corby and Desborough

The Recycling Process - At KER Rent a Skip we take this crucial job seriously

Ker Rent a Skip offer waste recycling and skip hire services for the Corby and Desborough areas. We offer a rapid response skip hire service, which involves your being able to hire a skip at short notice, and for a time that's convenient.

KER recycling in progressKER recycling procedure

In terms of recycling, we make it our priority to try and recycle the largest amount of waste possible that comes through us. We also aim to remove as much hardcore, soil and rubble as we can, so that aggregates can be formed and then sold on by us. The aggregates will typically be used in the construction sector. By recycling waste, gathered materials are then not left in areas where they are not made use of.

Primarily, we seek to reduce the impact on the environment with our recycling practices - both as far as our business is concerned, and with regards to our customers, too. We take our responsibilities very seriously and act accordingly. To this end we offer our removal and recycling services for materials, as long as what can be gained from recycling equals or exceeds the original value.

Working in Desborough

If you have any queries, or would like to hear from one of our staff, in relation to aspects of our waste recycling process or skip hire service in the Corby and Desborough areas, please get in touch. You can either phone us on 01604 780 180, or use our contact page to fill in your personal details and to send us a personal message.

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