KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier
KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier

Jet washing & Steam Cleaning Wellingborough

In both domestic and commercial areas there’s a need to keep outdoor surfaces clean and looking smart. Nothing makes a property look shabby as much as dirty and neglected walls, paths and forecourts. There are safety considerations too, as a build up of moss and algae might cause people to slip and fall. Fortunately, thanks to the latest cleaning and jet washing techniques, you can have your property looking clean and smart, so whether it’s your home or your business, you can welcome guests and customers with confidence.

If you need to remove ingrained dirt from a driveway, algae from a conservatory, or moss or weeds from a patio, jet washing is the ideal method. Using powerful, professional, equipment it can handle a range of maintenance tasks to get your surfaces looking pristine. What’s more, once thoroughly cleaned they’ll stay looking good for years to come. In the Wellingborough area KER Plant has the equipment and experience to meet your needs.


For some cleanup tasks you may want to look at steam cleaning. This is great for large areas of brickwork, paved areas or block-paved driveways. The process can remove dirt and algae without risking damage to the surface. Steam cleaning is especially good for heavy traffic areas like loading bays and for freshening up bin storage areas or even the bins themselves. If you have cleaning requirements in the Wellingborough area, whatever the size of job, and you think steam might be the answer then it’s worth discussing your needs with KER Plant.

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