KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier
KER Skip are an edfirst registered supplier

Jet washing & Steam Cleaning Corby & Desborough

Kerplant are a company that offers jet washing and cleaning services in the Corby and Desborough areas. Our expertise means that we can carry out a variety of maintenance tasks, by utilizing high powered and high quality jet washing equipment.


Our cleaning services, including steam cleaning, are effective to such an extent that your surfaces may require no further cleaning for years. Included among these services are: cleaning, i.e. patios, paths, conservatories and driveways, plus steam cleaning, and both jet and pressure washing. We not only aim to clean and improve the appearance of your surfaces, but to lengthen the lifespan of your surfaces, too. Because we use the appropriate tools for the job we can improve the appearance of your patio or driveway considerably - which will also be beneficial regarding the look of your home.

We employ staff who are experienced, and who are dedicated to offering you an excellent service, together with providing you with a great end result. We work in both the domestic and commercial sectors, and undertake both big and small jobs. Our cleaning services covers ingrained dirt removal, as well as the removal of moss and algae. We also offer a variety of other services, which range from mini digger and skip hire to waste recycling.

If you live in the Corby and Desborough areas, and are interested in our services, please call us on 01604 780 180, or make use of our contact page by filling out our form.

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